Research and Development


In addition to professional consulting, Eng. Maisonnave has and continues to participate in investigation projects related with the improvement of understanding the processes involved in intense animal production, its impact on the environment, the byproducts generated, and the management of these byproducts.

Financed Investigation Project UBAC&T 2011-2014: “Manure Management in Intense Animal Production: Storage Lagoons and the Use of Effluent as an Organic Fertilizer”. FAUBA.

CCo-direction of thesis. Ileana Ciapparelli
“Usage of beef generated manure in wheat production as a final destination for feedlot residue”. 2010. Exposed in July 2012, article 10, FAUBA.

Scientific Publications:

Field-scale evaluation of water fluxes and manure solution leaching in feedlot pen soils. 2012. García, A.R, Maisonnave R., Massobrio M., Iorio A.F. de. J. Environ. Qual. 41. ISSN: 0047-2425. AMER SOC AGRONOMY, 677 S SEGOE RD, MADISON, USA, WI, 53711 (IF= 2,098). En prensa, se adjunta nota de aceptación y prueba de galera.

“Response of wheat crop to manure as a measure of feed lot residue application”. Ciapparelli, I.C.; De Siervi, M; Maisonnave R.; Weigandt, C; Iorio A.F. de; García A.R. (2011) . Regional Conference of the International Geographic Union. Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Heflin,K., B.W. Auvermann, G.W. Marek, and R.C. Maisonnave (2005). “Preliminary Evaluation of a Remotely Controlled Platform for Ultrasonic Measurement of Lagoon Sludge Volume”. 2005 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual Meeting.

“Contamination of Waters”. In Environmental Impact on Agro ecosystems, Faculty of Agronomy Press, University of Buenos Aires, 267 pgs. Maisonnave, R y A.F. de Iorio (2001).

“Integral Analysis of the Matanza- Riachuelo Basin. An Integral Approach for Sustainable Water Management”. Iorio, A., J. Moreton, A. Rendina, M. Bargiela, A. Garcia, M. Barros, Arreghini, A. Magdaleno, M. de Siervi, R. Maisonnave, C. Chagas, M. Massobrio, M. Castiglioni y O. Santanatoglia (2001). International Workshop. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Chemical Parameters for a Sustainable Environment”. Maisonnave, R., M. Bargiela y A.F. de Iorio (2000). XXIII Argentinan Chemistry Congress, Corrientes, Argentina.

“Water: Determining Factor for Sustainable Agricultural Production and Soil Conservation”. Maisonnave, R., A. Rendina, G. Nunez, S. Delfino y A.F. de Iorio (1999). XIV Latin American Soil Sciences Congress. Temuco, Chile.

“Arsenic in underground waters in southern Cordoba, Argentina”. Maisonnave, R., G. Nunez A.F. de Iorio (1998). XXII Argentinian Chemistry Congress. La Plata, Argentina.


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