Intensive Animal Production & AG Industry

Producción Intensiva de Animales
  • Treatment Systems design
    Integrated Management of liquid effluents and solid waste.
    Management byproducts Bio digesters.
    Anaerobic Lagoons.
    Aerobic Lagoons.
    Facultative Lagoons .
    Sedimentation Systems.
    Separation of Solids and Liquids.
    Forced Ventilation Systems.
  • Make existing systems more efficient
  • Adaptation to new legislation
  • Internal auditing
    Environmental management 365 days a year.
    Comprehensive analysis of operations based on the usage of resources and generation of waste. Resource efficiency and structural maintenance.
  • Byproduct exploitation systems
    Agronomical use for nutrients (Nutrient Plan).
    Composting of solids on a large scale.
    Irrigation systems with effluents as bio fertilizers.
  • Environmental Management
    Environmental impact assessment.
    Feasibility studies.
    Nutrient management planning.
    Technical representation before authorities. Public relations.
    Mitigation of environmental impact; monitoring and mitigation of odors.
    Air and Water quality.
    Deceased animal management.
Producción Intensiva de Animales
Producción Intensiva de Animales
Producción Intensiva de Animales

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