AmbientAgro is a company created by Engineer Roberto Maisonnave. His goal is to offer all of his experience in environmental management in relation with intensive animal production, gained in foreign countries, to local and neighboring industries and producers.

Having graduated as an agricultural engineer in 1998, as the first graduate of the Environmental Sciences Master’s program of the UBA (University of Buenos Aires), he travelled to the United States as part of the investigation for his master’s thesis, “The Environmental Consequences of Concentrated Beef Feeding Operations (feedlots)”. There, he worked on and studied the environmental impacts of feedlots (water resources, air quality, and compost management), in the University of Texas A&M’s experimental station in Amarillo, Texas.

In 2002, he finished his master’s and received the degree of Master in Environmental Sciences. That same year, he accepted a job offer to be part of the installation project of a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant in the Panhandle area of Kansas/Oklahoma in the United States. The job was for Seaboard Foods, the second largest pork producer in the United States and prime exporter to Asia and Canada.

During the next 10 years he excelled in: Supervising of environmental engineering, an expert in the treatment and application of effluents and solids in crop fields. Also, he permanently evaluated the efficiency of using animal originated nutrients for the fertilization of irrigated crops and in drought systems, such as: wheat, corn, sunflower, cotton, soy beans, rapeseed, alfalfa, forage, and native pastures. In addition, he also managed the state-of-the-art swine effluent treatment plant and composting center for 52,000 sows. - Roberto also managed on a daily basis diverse treatment systems for animal effluents in 315 pork farms and 400 treatment lagoons: solids separation, composting, aerobic and anaerobic digestion, agricultural usage of liquids and solids. - He was also a company representative before external consulters and Government agents (state and federal). – Organization of the Department of Investigation and Development, experimental design, and evaluation of the Biological Program to better the effluent treatment systems. – Preparation of Operation Licenses in different states and at Federal level. – Cooperation with feedlot plant, biodiesel plant, and municipal treatment plant to solve operative problems of effluent quality and storage capacity. – Underground water remediation: Monitored natural attenuation, Direct Push Technology (DPT), and localization of pollutant plume. - Preservation of wetlands.

Efficiency and sustainability are the fundamentals for a modern production with a consciousness over the direct and indirect impact its exploitations have on the environment. The rational use of available resources, combined with appropriate byproduct management converting it into sub products, is essential.

Assistant Engineer Silvana Monaco meanwhile, has extensive experience in agribusiness, in the area of Quality Assurance and Laboratory Certification under ISO standards (National Beef), providing technical (English and Spanish) training in Best Management Practices (BPM) for supervisors and team leaders of Seaboard Foods, and has also been linked to the dairy industry.

AmbientAgro is the consulting company capable to provide said knowledge and assessing for companies, producers, industries and regulatory entities. This service is based on the extensive and verifiable experience that decorates its professional’s career.


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